Digital Proceedings of the RCI Canadian Building Envelope Technology Symposium (2018)

Proceedings of the 2018 Canadian Building Envelope Technology Symposium

Held in Mississauga, ON, September 13-14, 2018


RCI’s Canadian Building Envelope Technology Symposium was a two-day educational program offering cutting-edge information regarding design, construction, maintenance and repair of modern and/or older building envelopes. The event’s open, inclusive environment encouraged attendees to ask questions and stimulated dialogue. Speakers offered relevant solutions by referencing real-world examples and specific case histories.

Presentations and Presenters

  1. Building Envelope Commissioning: The Missing Link for Future-Ready Buildings by Scott Armstrong and Jean-Guy Levaque
  2. Measured Drying Ability of Compact Low-Slope Roofs by Jonathan Smegal
  3. Thermal Performance of Building Enclosures: Where, What, When, Who, How, and Why by Nicole Parsons
  4. Roofing vs. Masonry – Who Wins? by Matthew Novesky and Rachel Will
  5. Liquid-Applied Air Barrier Systems for High-Rise Buildings: Code Requirements and Performance Testing by Dr. Marzieh Riahinezhad
  6. Design of Sloped Roofs in Snow Country by Marcus Dell
  7. Whole-Building Airtightness Testing of Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings by Kevin Knight
  8. Benefits of Dual-Barrier-Protected Membrane Roofs by Allen Lyte
  9. Strategies for Effective Building Retrofits: Façade and Core by Eric Chisholm and Hannah Thevapalan
  10. The Future of Building Envelope Inspections by Alex Healy and Matthew Ryan
  11. Humidity and Building Envelope Failure in Enclosed Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Steam Rooms by Zen Szewczyk
  12. Canadian National Standard for the Vegetated Roof Assembly: Field Validation by Dr. Bas Baskaran and Dr. Mauricio Chavez

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