Roofing Design and Practice

For the first time, there is a comprehensive book written from the design perspective that takes the reader through all of the processes involved in designing a roof.

This book is filled with sample problems and easy-to-read, easy-to-understand graphics that explain roof design step by step. Roofing design is one of the most neglected fields in construction, yet roofing represents well over half the litigation in construction and is the number one source of building owner complaints. This book is a must for anyone involved in construction.

Roofing Design and Practice is written in textbook style by an experienced university professor and a practicing roof consultant/engineer who have combined their knowledge and talents to develop this remarkably easy-to-understand, yet comprehensive text on roofing.

Key Features:

Completely up-to-date reference that incorporates the new International Building Code requirements and current industry standards.

Comprehensive coverage of both steep and low sloped roofing systems.

Meticulously detailed and illustrated chapters on drainage design, wind design, insulation requirements, vapor control, and flashing design.

Stephen L. Patterson, CPRC, RRC, PE and Dr. Madan Mehta, University of Texas School of Architecture

321 pages, heavily illustrated, soft-cover edition

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