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According to Patterson and Dr. Mehta, “In this edition, we are responding to an unprecedented change in roof drainage design from what has been used for more than a half century. Until recently, the plumbing codes assumed that the flow through a roof drain is the same as the flow through a vertical leader of the same diameter. Several investigations and roof-collapse forensics have shown that our assumption has been incorrect.”

“This monograph has been written as a textbook to serve all three disciplines—architecture, plumbing engineering, and structural engineering,” said Dr. Mehta. “We have learned a great deal since the 2003 publication and have incorporated it into this book.”

Over 150 Pages | Secured Smart PDF Format or Printed Edition | Comprehensive Second - Edition Publication - published 2021

Stephen Patterson, P.E., R.R.C. | Roof Technical Services, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas
Madan Mehta, P.E., Ph.D. | Professor of Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington

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