Digital Proceedings of the IIBEC International Convention (2021) (Product Unavailable for Purchase)

Proceedings of the 2021 IIBEC International Convention & Trade Show

Held in Phoenix, AZ, September 15-20, 2021

Presentations and Presenters

  1. It's Not Raining - Where Is the Water Coming From? Moisture Movement in Building Enclosure by Laverne Dalgleish
  2. Moisture Durability in Green Standards by Jennifer Keegan and Benjamin Meyer
  3. Water Penetration and Air Leakage Testing of Flanged Commercial Windows by Keith Simon and John Posenecker
  4. Proving Ground: Performance Mock-ups as Proof of Concept and Constructability Tools by Ryan Upp
  5. A Tale of Two Masonry Façade Rehabilitations: When Preservation Standards, Codes, and Client Expectations are at Odds by Edward Gerns and Rachel Will. 
  6. It Takes a Village: Building Enclosure Mentoring of Architecture Students by Elizabeth Grant
  7. Air Barrier Performance in Building Enclosures: Compliance, Continuity, and Complexity by James R. Kirby and Benjamin Meyer. 
  8. 20,000 Gallons versus Nine Ducks - Effective Communication in the Field, in Reports, and as an Expert Witness by Aaron Nelson
  9. The Leak Stops Here: Understanding the Methodology of Leak Detection for Roofing and Waterproofing Systems by John Posenecker
  10. Cladding and Building Enclosure Component Connections Through Foam Plastic Continuous Insulation: Design and Prescriptive Code Compliance by Jay Crandell
  11. Changes Coming to the 2021 IBC Requirements for Exterior Walls on Commercial Buildings by Jeffrey Greenwald and Lorraine Ross
  12. Saddle Flashing Detailing, Mock-ups, and Construction Sequencing by Michael Nagle
  13. Diary of a BECxP: Delegated Design Dilemmas by Demetria Boatwright and Patrick Reicher
  14. Steep Slope Roofs in the Wind by David Roodvoets
  15. Continuous Insulation: Wall Assembly Case Study Comparisons by G. David Schoenhard
  16. Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Coating Failures by Karim Allana
  17. Low-Slope Lessons from 30 Years of Hurricane Events by Aaron Phillips
  18. Ensuring Durability with Stone Restoration Techniques—Critical Decisions for Common Repairs by Matthew Farmer
  19. Small Unmanned Aerial System Applications in the Building Enclosure Industry: Using Thermal Imaging to Assess Building Performance by Kelsey Dunn and Christopher Grey
  20. Roof-to-Wall Connections by Roy Schauffele
  21. Thermal Bridging Analysis as Part of an Integrated Project Delivery by Elisa Cheung and Rick Ziegler
  22. Manufactured Stone Veneer: Common Pitfalls in Design and Installation by Patricia Aguirre and Matthew Innocenzi

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