RCI Manual of Practice - Roof, Exterior Wall, and Waterproofing Consulting, and Quality Assurance Observation (Product Unavailable for Purchase)

Comprehensive Single-Edition Publication - published 2010

The RCI Manual of Practice is designed to be a standard for practitioners performing roof, exterior wall, and waterproofing consulting and quality assurance functions.

The RCI Manual of Practice is intended to provide a peer-reviewed structure for the practice of consulting in the construction of the building envelope. In simple terms, it describes what a professional consultant does and how the consultant does it. It is recognized that consultants may utilize professional judgment as the basis for modifying the procedures presented in this manual.

248 Pages | PDF Format Only


Section 1: Introduction

1.1 RCI History and Purpose
1.1.1 Background and Growth
1.1.2 Coordination of the Building Envelope Disciplines
1.1.3 Marketing Building Envelope Consulting Services
1.1.4 Disaster Team Services
1.1.5 Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities
1.2 RCI Programs and Activities
1.2.1 Promotion of Professionalism and Technical Excellence
1.2.2 Education Programs
1.2.3 Registration Programs
1.2.4 Best Practices
1.2.5 Building Envelope Symposia
1.2.6 Conventions
1.2.7 Public and Industry Relations
1.2.8 Periodical Publications
1.2.9 Web Site
1.2.10 RCI Foundation
1.3 Roles of Consultants and Observers
1.3.1 Consultants
1.3.2 Quality Assurance Observers
1.3.3 Interactions Among Personnel
1.3.4 Specialized Areas of Practice

Section 2: Recommended Practices for Building Envelope Consulting

2.1 General Practices Common to All Building Envelope Consultants
2.1.1 Client and Project Needs Assessment
2.1.2 Condition Assessment
2.1.3 Design
2.1.4 Construction Contract Administration
2.1.5 Asset Management
2.2 Complementary Practices Specific to Roof Consulting
2.2.1 Client and Project Needs Assessment
2.2.2 Condition Assessment
2.2.3 Design
2.2.4 Construction Contract Administration
2.2.5 Asset Management
2.3 Complementary Practices Specific to Waterproofing Consulting
2.3.1 Client and Project Needs Assessment
2.3.2 Condition Assessment
2.3.3 Design
2.3.4 Construction Contract Administration
2.3.5 Asset Management
2.4 Complementary Practices Specific to Exterior Wall Consulting
2.4.1 Client and Project Needs Assessment
2.4.2 Condition Assessment
2.4.3 Design
2.4.4 Construction Contract Administration
2.4.5 Asset Management

Section 3: Recommended Practices for Quality Assurance Observation

3.1 General Practices Common to All Quality Assurance Observers
3.1.1 Role, Responsibility, and Authority
3.1.2 Requisite Knowledge and Understanding
3.1.3 Field Procedures
3.1.4 Reporting
3.2 Complementary Practices Specific to Roof Observation
3.3 Complementary Practices Specific to Waterproofing Observation
3.4 Complementary Practices Specific to Exterior Wall Observation

Section 4: Specialized Areas of Practice

4.1 Expert Witness
4.2 Insurance Claims
4.3 Design Peer Review
4.4 Service to the Industry
4.5 Testing
4.6 Value Engineering


Appendix A: References of General Interest
Appendix B: RCI Course Descriptions
Appendix C: Construction Contract Administration Procedures and RCI Construction Contract Administration Forms
Appendix D: Applicable Codes and Standards
Appendix E: Standard Practice for the Detection and Location of Latent Moisture in Building Roofing Systems by Nuclear Radioisotopic Thermalization
Appendix F: Project Manual and Specification Practices
Appendix G: Wall Systems
Appendix H: Glossary of Building Envelope Terms

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